Year 6 Play – Practicalities

24 November 2021 Categories Junior

Our efforts to make this year special to our Y6 pupils continue to develop. Having a live audience is an unforgettable experience for both parents and pupils. Mrs Walter, Mrs Mackay, Mrs Bersis, Mrs Vatista, Mrs Norton, Mrs Sideris, Miss Burley and several members of our staff have joined their efforts for this play and will stay behind to assist with the necessary arrangements on the days of the performances.

Please note that, following the new COVID restrictions announced last week, only COVID vaccination certificates or recovery certificates may be used to enter the school premises. This means that parents wishing to watch the play live must have one of these. Rapid tests will not be accepted. We will be live streaming Friday’s performance and you will receive a link which will allow those of you who are unable to attend to watch your child/children.

All of the children will be involved and the planned schedule for 1st, 2nd and 3rd December is as follows:

3:10-3:40  Relax in class with class teacher
3:40-4:00  Free time at the playground
4:00-4:30  Food and drinks (provided by school)
4:30-5:45  Dressing up and movie time
6:00-7:10  Performance
7:10-7:30  Changing time/drinks and snacks
7:30          Pickup time at the gate

We realise that it will be a long day for the children and some families, who live far away from school, but the children will enjoy the social experience of being with their classmates, promoting the wonderful sense of team spirit. If you make any pickup arrangements, please don’t forget to let Mrs Mariza know.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all during this special event  for all the children and the rest of us. Let’s make the Y6 play a delightful experience for us all!

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

E Panagopoulou

Assistant Head of Junior School

Greek Language and Culture Coordinator