Year 7 Delphi Trip

14 September 2021 Categories Senior

Dear Parents,

We are very happy to inform you that we will be going ahead with our annual Year 7 Delphi trip this year from Tuesday 5th – Thursday 7th October. This is an educational trip where pupils will visit a number of ancient sites, museums and other places of interest.

We will be sending you the official trip letter with all the information; this email is simply to inform you that the trip will be taking place as we only received the official government gazette (FEK) concerning trips on Friday.

In order for the pupils to participate on the trip, they need to have a rapid test done on Monday 4th October in the afternoon. The time-frame is vital, as we need to supply various venues with 48-hour rapid tests valid until Wednesday afternoon. The pupils also need to have one self-test with them for the final day of the trip, as the 48 hours will have passed. You can purchase this from your local pharmacies.

If your child is vaccinated, they need to show a vaccination certificate or the certificate of recovery from COVID-19 (valid for 6 months).


A Gargareta
Year 7 tutor