Year 7 Language Option

26 May 2023 Categories Junior

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to meet so many of you at our meeting on Tuesday morning. As I mentioned, as students move into the Senior School, they will need to choose an additional language to study.

In the Senior School, all students will have Greek and English lessons and will also opt to study French, Spanish or Arabic.

Extra English lessons are available for students who need additional time in the school day to develop their speaking and writing skills in English. These students will take Extra English instead of Greek. We also have Learning Support lessons that run at the same time as the additional language of French, Spanish or Arabic. If we think that Extra English or Learning Support would be useful for your child, we will contact you directly over the next few weeks. We work very closely with our Junior School to ensure all students have a smooth transition between the Junior School and Senior School and that all their learning needs are accounted for.

Please complete this form to let us know which language your child would like to study in the Senior School.

Kind Regards,

Emma Soos
Assistant Head – Academic