Year 7 Trip to the Goulandris Museum

16 November 2022 Categories My Campion

On Monday 14th November, Year 7 pupils went on a field trip to the Goulandri Museum of Natural History in Kifisia. We had the opportunity to see different animals, underwater treasures, a variety of insects, plants, fossils and crystals on our guided tour.

The trip was organised by the Modern Greek Department and Year 7 pupils had a great time.

We learnt about various animals and their names. We learnt about so many different underwater creatures that most of us didn’t know about. We saw how humans, horses, elephants and other animals evolved into what they are now. We even learnt about different plants and their cells that we are studying in Science lessons!

Overall we had a great time at this wonderful museum.

Thank You Modern Greek Department!

Christiana Alfantaki

Year 7