Year 7 Trip to the Markou Winery Museum

25 November 2021 Categories My Campion

On Tuesday 23rd November, Year 7 pupils went on a trip organised by the Mοdern Greek Department to a museum, where they had the chance to not just observe the exhibits, but to also create! The Markou Winery Museum in Pallini was a wonderful excursion for not only the Year 7s but the teachers too!

On this trip, the Year 7 group had the chance to understand the finesse of producing the most iconic product of Greece, OLIVES!

At 9:15 am we boarded a coach and set off for the museum. Once we were there we were astounded by the beauty of the grounds. The trip started off with olive picking and continued with a tour of the wine (and agriculture in general) exhibition. After the tour, the children and teachers tasted fresh olive oil (on white bread) and olives. The students then proceeded to package the olives that they had previously picked.

This trip was a memorable experience for students and teachers. I therefore thank wholeheartedly Mrs Lazaridi, the teachers who accompanied us, and the Modern Greek Department for organising it.

Stefanos Voliotis

Year 7