Year 8 Travel Website Competition Winners!

8 June 2021 Categories My Campion

During lockdown, 8A completed a unit of work on persuasive writing and travel writing. We first read the diary of a student who joined an organized hiking expedition across the Andes to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. We then studied how travel websites use language and layout to persuade customers to buy their holiday packages.

As an assignment, the class was asked to create their own travel website for a destination of their choice. The outcome of their hard work was quite remarkable: professional-looking, highly-persuasive websites advertising mouth-watering holidays! Just what we all needed to feast on during the prolonged period of lockdown.

The pupils’ websites were so well done that it was decided to open them up to a competition. All pupils in Year 8 were invited to vote for the site that they found most persuasive. The results were announced on June 8th, and are as follows:

1st place: Christina Konstantakopoulou & Una Spasojevic for Swiss Travels.

2nd place: George Gkirtis & Patrick Yao for Guru Travels

3rd place: Sevastiana Kattideniou for Phuket Travels

To view all the websites submitted for the competition, click here.

Congratulations to all those who participated in the competition, and a special thanks to Sevastiana Kattideniou and Vassia Papanikolaou for also creating the competition website.