Year 9 Acropolis Trip

22 November 2022 Categories My Campion

On Friday 18th November, the Greek Department organised a trip and a guided tour to the Acropolis Museum for the Year 9. We were separated into two groups for the tour, non-natives and native speakers. We, as non-natives learning Greek, followed an English tour guide while the natives had their tour in Greek. We enjoyed the tour as it not only was fun but also expanded our knowledge of Greek history and mythology! Some of the stories that we found unforgettable were Athena’s cape as well as the Caryatids of Erechtheion.

Athena’s cape, also known as aegis – also spelled egis, plural aegises or egises – was a leather cloak/cape. This cape, which was carried by Athena, is said to have possessed supernatural power and strength. It symbolizes protection. Athena’s aegis is characterised by its gold, reminiscent of the gleam of the sun, and features the head of a gorgon. Athena wielded the aegis during a battle against giants. We found this a very intriguing story as it showed how powerful and brave she was as a warrior.

The Caryatids of Erechtheion, often known as the korai, or maidens, were also extremely impressive. These six female statues served as columns supporting the roof of the Temple of Athena. Fun fact, they are also known as the “daughters of Athena” so we find it quite symbolic that they guard her temple. Five of the statues stand in the Acropolis Museum while their sister is in the British Museum, along with the “Parthenon marbles” which were “taken” by Lord Elgin. It was quite fascinating for us to see the Caryatids in real life. The little details, such as their elaborate hairstyles, the folds of their veils, their half-destroyed faces, just breath-taking. 

We want to thank the Greek Department for organising such a fun, memorable and educational trip as well as our guides and the staff of the museum. Thank you.

Ajar Shadieva & Anna Sophie Abe 

Year 9