Year 9 Visit the Athens Olympic Museum

14 December 2021 Categories My Campion

On 13th of December, the whole of Year 9 went on an amazing trip to the Athens Olympic Museum. The trip was kindly organised by the Modern Greek Department.

The Museum guides explained in depth each and every aspect allowing us to further understand the complex and fascinating history of the Olympic Games. The museum was a journey from the early ancient games held in Olympia which showed numerous statues of Greek gods to the modern and international era of the Olympic Games.

We learnt a lot of interesting facts about the Olympic Games. For example, we were told why the modern Olympic Games were formed and how they evolved from the ancient ones. We were taught the different Olympic sports and the prizes one would get for winning them as well as being shown a virtually reconstructed version of the ancient city of Olympia.

Year 9 is grateful to be given the opportunity to go out on a trip after being stuck in lockdown for so long as well as to the Modern Greek Department for giving us the opportunity.

Jason Romanos

Year 9