Yr 9 and 11 Parent-Teacher Meeting

14 October 2021 Categories Senior

Wednesday 20th October
16:00 – 18:35
Senior School Courtyard (outside – weather depending)

Dear Parents,

There will be a change to the original plan for next week’s Parent-Teacher meeting, if the weather permits, as a result of a successful parent-teacher meeting yesterday. We will be changing next week’s Parent-Teacher meeting to a face-to-face meeting held in the Senior School courtyard. The purpose of this letter is to outline exactly how this will operate.

Meetings will take place outside in the Senior School courtyard.

  • Please ensure you bring an appropriate COVID certificate with you (vaccination/recovery/self-test).
  • Please wear a mask whilst on school campus.
  • Please bring with you a printout of your appointments.
  • Meeting times will be limited to five minutes only. If a longer meeting is subsequently required with a specific teacher, please book with Ms Andrianaki at Reception.
    • A bell will ring every five minutes and this is your cue to move towards your next appointment.
    • Five minutes movement time is allocated between appointments (one appointment talking, one appointment moving).
    • This should guarantee that there is no more than one parent/set of parents in line for the teacher (avoiding overcrowding).
  • In order to keep the meeting running to time it will only be possible for parents to book to see a maximum of ten teachers.
    • It is hoped that by meeting (up to) ten teachers you will gain a good understanding of how your child is performing.
    • If you are unable to see a teacher that you really wanted to, please contact Ms Andrianaki at school Reception and the relevant teacher will be back in contact in due course.
  • Light refreshments will be available.
  • Senior members of staff will be available to consult with if needed (no booking required).
  • Pupils are permitted to attend the Parent-Teacher meeting if you so desire.
  • Should parents require separate appointments then please contact your child’s year tutor.
  • The intention for the rest of the year is for Parent-Teacher meetings to occur online via the Schoolcloud platform.
    • If you are unable to make this face-to-face meeting and would like on online meeting on Wednesday 3rd November, please let arylander@campion.edu.gr know.

Bookings will be make via our online parent-teacher meeting platform https://campionschool.schoolcloud.co.uk/

Attached, you will find information on how to book your desired appointments. Appointments will be booked on a first come, first served basis. Bookings are now open and close at midnight on Tuesday 19th October.

An individual email will be sent to you later on today informing/reminding you of the parental code for Schoolcloud (required to login). I look forward to welcoming your to our Parent-Teacher meeting next week. Wishing you and your family good health.

Yours sincerely,

M Henderson
Interim Headmaster