Admission Availability 2024-25

We are currently receiving a high number of applications for the academic year 2024/25. Consequently, we have stopped processing applications for Nursery, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 11 owing to the fact that we have reached capacity and have a waiting list.

Limited space is available in other year groups. Very limited space is available for children in need of Learning Support.

Please refer to the table below for additional information. We thank you for taking the time to consider an application to Campion and thank you for your patience as we process our current enquiries.

Please click here to see the birthday cut-off dates for each year group.

Junior School
Nursery  No Availability
ReceptionLimited Availability
Year 1 Availability
Year 2 Limited Availability
Year 3   Availability
Year 4Availability
Year 5Availability
Year 6 Availability
Senior School
Year 7Availability
Year 8No Availability
Year 9 No Availability
Year 10 Very Limited Availability
Year 11Closed to Admissions
Year 12 Very Limited Availability
Year 13 Closed to Admission