Registering at Campion

Welcome to Campion School! We are pleased that you are considering Campion as an option for your child’s education.

The first stage of the admissions process is the completion of the enquiry form (see above) and the submission of the most recent school reports.

Following on from the above, a preliminary visit may be scheduled. This involves a tour of the premises and provides an opportunity for parents and pupils to ask questions. It also provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the school ethos and climate for learning. During your visit/meeting we will explain the admissions procedure and answer any queries you may have regarding your child’s entry. 

For Early Years and Junior School applicants, following the initial visit, an interview with the Head of Junior School will be scheduled. School reports for the previous two years should be submitted before the interview for children who are already attending school.

In the Senior School (years 7-13), those candidates whose native language is not English will be required to sit an English Test. All applicants will also be required to sit an entrance examination in Vocabulary, Mathematics and non-verbal abilities prior to interview.

Pupils may be admitted at any point in the school year depending upon availability of spaces, however, priority is given to international families. Please click here to see the cut-off dates for each year group by birthdates. Only in exceptional circumstances will a pupil be placed in a class that does not correspond with their age. Parental preferences will be considered, but the final determination is the responsibility of the Headmaster.

Further information regarding the Senior School English and entrance tests can be found in the Admissions Policy.

The fee for the English exam and entrance exam is Euro 50,00. Please click here for instructions on how to pay the fee.

Following a successful interview and acceptance of a place, formal admission to school requires the submission of the following forms: 

Application for Admission (sent to you electronically)

The Health Form

Bus Request Form

Copy of Passport

Information regarding school uniform may be found below:

Junior Uniform Requirements

Senior Uniform Requirements

Ordering School Uniform

For the academic year 2024-2025 places in the school’s Learning Support programme are extremely limited and many groups remain full. Priority will be given to international applicants.