Membership to the Campion alumni group on Facebook has grown to almost 2,000 Campionites! Don’t miss out!

New! A WhatsApp group for our older alumni and some of our staff.

The last alumni reunion was held at Campion School in Pallini on 18th June 2022.

Photos are available on the Facebook Campion Athens Alumni page.

Alumni success stories

Vicky Vlachonis 1992

What does Campion mean to you? Campion was where I met lifelong friends and where I uncovered all of my passions and potential. I had incredible teachers that encouraged me to work hard and nurtured my hidden talents to life. Attending an international school taught

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Debbie Hatzivassiliou 1985

What does Campion mean to you? Campion years were by far the best school years for me! Although not many (1982-1985) I can only recall those wonderful Ekali days as high school memories. For sure the school, my professors, my friends and classmates have influenced

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Peter Tyrakis 2007

What IB subjects did you take and what were your favourite ones? Mathematics (HL), Chemistry (HL), Biology (HL), English (SL),Geography (SL), Greek (SL) My favourite subjects were Maths, Chemistry and Biology.  What did you go on to study and where? Medicine at the University of

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Dimitris Bakinezos 2010

What did you go on to study and where? I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electronics and Information Engineering at the University of Cambridge. It was an intense and challenging course, with corresponding rewards both during and after my studies. How has the IB

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