Vicky Vlachonis 1992

What does Campion mean to you?

Campion was where I met lifelong friends and where I uncovered all of my passions and potential. I had incredible teachers that encouraged me to work hard and nurtured my hidden talents to life. Attending an international school taught me the importance of diversity and prepared me for the world. I’m beyond grateful for my time at Campion!

What A-level subjects did you take and what were your favorite subjects?

My A-level subjects were biology, chemistry, Greek. Coming from a sports and health orientated family, naturally, physical education and biology were my favorite subjects. I had a strong love of all things health, physical and mental, from a young age and my fascination was with biology and understanding how the body worked. I also really loved PE because sports were in my genes.

What were some lasting highlights from your experience at Campion?

There were so many memorable experiences from my time at Campion. Everything I learned has stayed with me— it feels like it was just yesterday! I was captain of the volleyball, basketball and netball team. We traveled for the EMAC tournament to Dubai, Egypt and many other countries. This gave me global awareness and an understanding of other cultures— it was an enlightening experience.  Another highlight was my PE teacher, Mrs Penny Tait. She always supported and empowered me because she knew I had a strong passion for sports. Mrs Tait’s endless encouragement and coaching lead to my title of Best Sports Girl in my final year at Campion. I loved to compete and win! Her belief in me made me better. The most impactful highlight, however, was an incident with my teacher, Mrs Scotiniotis. She had noticed that I loved books on the body, exercise and health. Her son was an osteopath so she told me I should look into a career of osteopathy.  She went above and beyond by helping me investigate schools of osteopathy. I flew to London to visit the British School of Osteopathy and the rest is history! Further down the road, I even ended up in the same master’s program as her son, also a Campion alumnus, Vangelis, at the European School of Osteopathy.

What did you study and where?

My passion has always been helping others so with the encouragement and guidance of my mum and my teachers at Campion, I decided to study osteopathy in London. When I left Campion I attended the British School of Osteopathy where I received my Bachelor’s of Science Degree. Later, I decided to continue my education at the European School of Osteopathy where I became the first woman to receive a Master’s of Science in Osteopathy.

Work experience

In 1998 I began working at the Hale Clinic, followed by the Integrated Medical Clinic in London where our goal was to bridge the gap between conventional, complementary and traditional medicine while producing an effective, cost efficient and safe medical system. I provided pain management treatments for acute overstrain of the spine, scoliosis and migraines. Clients included members of the British Royal family, dancers from the Royal Ballet school and major West End Theatre productions such as Cats and Lion King. Working with dancers inspired me to develop The Positive Feedback Program, a method focusing on the mind body connection. The dancers would get injured every week and when they would come to see me, I was slowly able to uncover the true source of their pain. Yes, they had a sprained ankle but they also were experiencing emotional pain that wasn’t being addressed.  I established my own practice in 2001 using my holistic approach to pain management by combining osteopathy, acupuncture, dietary advice and counseling. In 2004, I joined the team at The Birth Company on Harley Street in London, where I provided care to ease discomfort during pregnancy, preparing for labor, and after birth treatments for mothers and newborns. I also treated newborns for postnatal issues such as moulding, feeding difficulties, colic and wind. In 2012 I moved my practice to Los Angeles where I wrote my book, The Body Doesn’t Lie: A 3-Step Program to End Chronic Pain. Currently my clients include everyone from men, pregnant women and babies to Hollywood royalty such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, Chris Martin, Nicole Richie and Sir Elton John.  I’m also on the Advisory Board for Women’s Health Magazine and a contributor to Goop. My dream is to help everyone live a happy and pain-free life! Through motivational speaking and writing blogs and books, my goal is to reach everyone I’m not able to treat hands-on.

Personal life

I’m the mother of two wonderful boys, Alexander (10) and Constantine (7) who, like me as a child, are full of energy, curiosity and love! Having travelled and lived in multiple countries has helped them identify with all people and all cultures. This had made their ability to connect with other students very strong and I feel so fortunate that my sons have this ability to relate to others, but never forgetting their roots from Greece.

Tips for students

What worked for me was working hard, believing in myself (ACTUALLY believing in myself, not just saying it!) and having faith in a higher power.  We all have a hidden talent. Find it by connecting with your inner child— what makes you happiest? If you’re an older student, what made you happiest as a young child? Also, always listen to your gut. Our gut is our second brain, feed it healthy, fresh foods and trust it! Lastly, surround yourself with a strong support system and create a positive environment. There will come a time when you’ll have to cut out negative distractions or people, stay confident in your choice to do so, as it will lead to something radiant!