El Dia de la Lengua Española

All pupils in Years 7-10 studying Spanish at Campion came together at the end of last term to celebrate El Dia de la Lengua Española. This day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the American continent on the 12th of October 1492, and the subsequent expansion of the Spanish language around the world.

During the event, pupils performed Don Quijote de la Mancha of Miguel de Cervantes, the most important writer in Spanish literature. Other skits and dialogues presented Spanish traditions, such as Las Fallas of Valencia and Saint George in Cataluña, and some of the most emblematic constructions in the Hispanic world.

The event was enhanced with beautiful dances perfectly performed by a group of Year 7 pupils, songs performed by Year 10 girls, etc. It was a memorable event enjoyed by all: pupils, parents and teachers.

Margarita Marti Feu

Head of Modern Foreign Languages & Spanish Teacher