Mega Beach Clean-up With HELMEPA

At the end of last term, Year 12 CAS students attended the Helmepa Mega Beach Clean-up. HELMEPA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and conserving the marine environment through initiatives such as beach and sea clean-ups, as well as educational programmes.

This event took place in Piraeus, and there were over 500 participants from 45 different countries. There was a significant amount of waste hidden on this beach that we picked up to recycle. Through this experience, we learned that although it was overwhelming at first, collectively we could manage to make a difference and conserve the biodiversity as well as the beauty of beaches in Athens.

The HELMEPA beach clean-up ended up being a huge success with Campion School collecting around 200 pieces of trash scattered throughout the beach. This made a big difference to how the landscape of the beach looked before and after the clean-up creating a positive and satisfying experience. This was one small but successful step towards the very important goal of saving our environment and preserving the beauty of the nature around us.

Christine Maris (Y12)