Senior Carnival Celebrations

Last Friday 15th March, Campion Senior School celebrated Greek carnival. Greece’s carnival season, known as “Apokries”, is the festive season preceding Lent, a period of masquerading, eating, drinking and dancing, which reaches its peak with extravagant parades of giant floats and colorful street groups. Traditionally, it begins ten weeks before Greek Orthodox Easter and culminates on the weekend before “Clean Monday,” (Ash Monday) the first day of Lent. “Apokria”, literally means “goodbye” to the period of meat-eating, or abstinence from meat (Apo-kreo, meaning away from meat).
As every year, a team competition for best costume took place with Mr Tilley, Head of Geography, as Master of Ceremonies. This year’s winners were Mrs Kyritsis’s ‘Smurfs’ in third place, ‘The Philosophers’, headed by Mr Yates, in second place, and Mrs Papadakou’s ‘Mops’ cleaned up taking first place. Και του χρόνου!