Senior School Hallowe’en Dance

Campion’s Senior School Halloween Dance was held on 11th November. Despite Halloween having already passed, the enthusiasm of students in years 7 to 9 remained palpable. The funds generated from ticket sales were donated to charity, lending the event a special significance. The volunteers for this event consisted of Year 12 and Year 13 students, some of whom arrived at the school Hall as early as three o’clock to start the decorating, which consisted of spider webs crafted from fabric, setting the eerie yet festive ambience.

A Year 12 student took the role of DJ, curating a playlist of popular music to keep the atmosphere lively. As the dance unfolded, so did a spirited competition. Students formed a circle, and those aspiring to be crowned the dance king or the dance queen gathered at the centre, showcasing their dance prowess. This competition not only afforded students a reprieve from their typically hectic academic lives but also provided a platform for them to express their youthful style.

Beyond the dance floor, students engaged in various contests, competing for titles such as the one with the scariest face or the best Halloween costume. The evening unfolded with laughter and conversations, fostering a sense of solidarity. Recognizing the toll of energetic dancing, thoughtful volunteers prepared an array of snacks, including crisps, pizza, and juice. Year 12 and 13 students diligently supervised their peers, ensuring everyone was catered to.

In essence, this event not only contributed to public welfare through its charitable initiatives but also afforded Senior School students an opportunity for self-expression and relaxation. It served as an opportunity for the 12th-grade students to organize their own CAS event, fostering a sense of responsibility among the Campion student body.

Aijia He

Year 13