Internships for Aspiring Medical Students!

We are thrilled to have begun a collaboration with the Node Institute here in Athens which offers educational internships for high school students interested in studying Medicine at university. institute offered a wonderful opportunity for two of our students to gain hands-on experience in the medical field this past summer. Here is what our students had to say about the experience: “The internship at the NoDE institute was truly a valuable experience. We had the opportunity to shadow doctors of four different specialities, including general surgery, internal medicine, urology and gastroenterology. During the internship we accompanied the doctors as they did ward rounds, from which we were able to understand how important the relationship between the doctor and the patient is, as the purpose of the rounds was not only to monitor the progress of inpatients but also to provide them with emotional support during this vulnerable period of their lives. We also had the chance to watch a laparoscopic surgery, during which we spoke to different members of the surgical team, including the anaesthesiologists, who were very keen to explain every step of the procedure to us. Moreover, one of the highlights of this internship was witnessing a robot-assisted surgery, as it was remarkable to see how the robot performed incisions with such precision when it was instructed to do so by the surgeon. Lastly, we were lucky enough to practise the skills required in a laparoscopic surgery, including suturing, at the hospital’s simulation centre, which proved to be more difficult than it seemed, but was ultimately a rewarding and insightful experience. Thank you for recommending this program to us! It was a really valuable experience”. Tatiana V and Lily H We wish these students all the best in their future endeavours! Eleni SianiUniversities Counsellor