Year 12 CAS trip to Epidavros Triathlon

On Friday 8th of September, 27 Campion IB pupils set off to Palaia Epidavros in order to volunteer in this year’s annual Epidavros Triathlon. The trip was organised by Dr Rigopoulou who worked hard to make the experience a unique blend of volunteering and entertainment, ensuring at the same time that all pupils would take advantage of the ancient setting by organising a culturally immersive tour upon our arrival to the archeological city of Ancient Epidavros. 

After orientation for the Triathlon, Year 12 headed to the Sunken City where staff and pupils got the chance to enjoy the ancient artifacts that are still perfectly preserved underwater. The same night, sea-cabs took us to Spetses in order to watch the Armata Festival. 

The following morning, pupils and teachers headed to Verdeli Beach in order to cheer on Mr Yates, who was competing in the event. Once the Triathlon had begun, our Year 12 volunteers went to their posts where they waited eagerly for the athletes to start arriving. We all got the opportunity to help out the athletes taking part in this very challenging and exciting event. Our pupils’ energy and enthusiasm were very valuable to the athletes as well as to the jobs and responsibilities that were assigned to them. 

It was a wonderful albeit rigorous, incredibly rewarding experience which truly shaped our pupils. It was the perfect introduction to the IB, paving the way for two truly difficult but fulfilling years.

Agapi Metaxa

Maria-Louisa Vichou