Year 5 Trip to Kaisariani, Mt Hymettus

Year 5  had the incredible opportunity to visit Kaisariani in Mount Hymettus, which was the perfect setting for their  “Myths and Legends” exit point. As they hiked through the picturesque landscape, they shared fascinating stories about Greek mythology and learned about the history of the area. Along the way, they were delighted to see various wildlife, including tortoises, fish, and even a fox! Their adventure didn’t stop there, as they were challenged with a thrilling treasure hunt to find ancient marbles in the ruins of the nearby monastery. It was a truly unforgettable experience that brought history and mythology to life in an exciting and engaging way. Thank you to Mrs Bradley and Mrs Crossland for organising this trip and Mrs Nanopoulou, Mrs Vayanos and Mrs Myers for accompanying Y5 and taking amazing photos!

Effie Panagopoulou

Assistant Head